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"Robert’s mobile food bank aims to both alleviate food poverty and combat loneliness.”


BBC Radio 2

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BBC's Barking Hour

Listen to Robert speak about AAFP on BBC’s Barking Hour 

EC1 Echo

Speaking with Robert Straw

FLO London

In conversation with Robert from AAFP

Reduction Raiders Podcast

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The Big Issue

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We organise a weekly Saturday morning walk around central London offering food, supplies and conversation, not only for our homeless friends, but anyone struggling with daily life.

Our slogan is 'Using Food As A Catalyst For Conversation'

because we have found that talking to people is just as important
as the food we serve.

Since starting in March we have donated…

Meals Served
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Meaningful Conversations
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Why we need your help

In order to keep helping our friends get off the street, we need financial support to continue giving and continue our mission.

So far, we have only had individual donations, and are now looking for companies who are interested in giving back, to help us reach and help even more people.

Please let us know

If you would be interested to meet and discuss our impact further.