Learn more about the many dogs we support on the street.


This is Trixie, a year old pocket rocket who lives on the streets with her owner in Waterloo. She loves nothing more than to greet everyone she meets with a big smile.


Bonnie is a ten year old staff and has been on the streets of North London most of her life. Despite having many ups and downs she still is a loving and very loyal companion.


Poor Robin got so hot during the summer that her owner had to wrap her paws in some orange bandages to stop her from burning.


Bruno is the king of his manor. Although he looks on guard he loves a delicious dog treat.


Dearly loved Elsie is in Doggie Heaven!


Pumpkin half Staff half something else, sits by in the busy street waiting for a friendly human to pass and give a big hug and hopefully something tasty to munch.


Snowy is a 10 year old Staffy who has had a pin put in her paw and many operations to make sure she is always there to show love and support for her owner who says he cant imagine life with out her.


Zara lives in and around the Victoria area, she has cataracts in both eyes and has to have regular injects for her arthritis but lives life to the full. AAFP were honoured to supply her a warm coat for the cold winter months.


We have a new friend Shadow, a four month old bundle of energy who loves a chew bone or four……🐕🐶

Chit Chat

Chit Chat lives on the bottom end of the Kings Rd and her and owner have not had a proper home for over two years she still greets everyone with a warm welcome


Tia is a two year old half Stafford half Shar-Pia lives with her owner in South London loves nothing more than a long run in the park playing with other dogs.